Flabbz & Kudah RunIt Shed Tears


  • Africa, the cradle of mankind they say. Africa, the once slave to the slave trade. Africa, our motherland. Africa the apple on God’s eye.

Zimbabwe’s Flabbz (from Jesus Positive Muzik – JPM) and Kudah Runit (from Run It Muzik), the partners in rhyme – joined forces to birth their, and the rest of our beloved Africans, tears to the almighty God. They poured their cries in form of a beautiful song titled ‘Afreeca’ – and that is not a typo!

aFREEca, from the altered name itself, is a song which makes an outcry to Jehova to free Africa from all forces that try to bring it down, a cry for heaven’s blessings to be outpoured on the whole of Africa. Major issues were touched on in the track and this is a song in which this team believes can be the new Africa anthem, not only to be listened to on 25 May 2016, and can be sung in all languages to express that love for Africa.

Afreeca was produced by JMP and DJ Gwyte at Legendary Musiq and it drops for free download on links to be provided – on Tuesday the 24th of May 2016. It is taken off the forthcoming EP titled UNDILUTED.

As part of your support you are free to send a small video clip to us saying your name, where you are from and that your love Africa and you endorse Afreeca the song by the brothers Flabbz and Kudah RunIt. We would be grateful if you do this in your vernacular language.

Special thanks go to Tifa – for the photoshoot, and Croft – for the song artwork. God bles you.









#UnDilutedEP : PRE-ORDER 411

That moment, the noise has been all about, is almost upon us. The #UnDilutedEP by Flabbz & Kudah RunIt, drops on Saturday, the 5th of November 2016. Meanwhile, you can pre-order the EP by sending US$2 via the platforms outlined on the poster below. img-20161026-wa0001

The CD Signing & Listening Session marks the launch and the beginning of a new musical era of correcting errors. Do come through between 10am & 5pm, for more information see the poster below.




undilutedWhen two great forces merge, especially as a recommendation from their musical family, the only outcome that can be anticipated is dopeness, in it’s UnDiluted state.

Such has been the case with the two youthful artists, Flabbz (Jesus Positive Muzik)

and Kudah RunIt (Run It Muzik). They took heed of a call, worked on an Extended Play they titled UnDiluted; produced by Legendary Musiq’s Jeeperz Mad P and DJ Gwyte and Zayan Empire’s Angeo Pablo, and now by God’s grace they are ready to serve. In May, their EP pre-release #Afreeca was dropped, much to the fancy of many who got to listen. Now family, the 31 day countdown started on the 5th of October 2016, and please do join the ship, unlike Titanic, this time what is going to sink is not the ship but the message on this wonderful project into the listener’s mind, soul and spirit.

Saturday 05 November 2016, gravity shall act on the UnDiluted EP, DO GET READY!!!!

#Gwenyambira <||> #MadziRapper

Thank You: Team #Afreeca

Team Jesus Positive Muzik (JPM) in conjunction with Team Run It Muzik, wishes to thank everyone who offered their helpful hand towards the making and eventual release and push for the song Afreeca (downloadable here), which they released on the 24th of May 2016. Much appreciation to every blog/ review rendered.

Here are some of the reviews:

Hype Music Zimbabwe (here)

Mcpotar.com (here)

Fokus Magazine (here)

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Youtube link (here)

and other bloggers like Dodger ZW.

Now get ready for the UnDiluted EP by Flabbz and Kudah RunIt!



MadziRapper drops #OneAsara

Following the release of MadziRapper Flabbz’s first 2015 track One Asara (download it here), which features Kudah RunIt, here is part of the first review, by the independant reviewer Dodger Marindire.

Worldover it has been the curse of gospel rap that many emcees are simply not up to par with their secular emcees.When one finds a hiphoper, who,while preaching the gospel also makes his secular counterparts feel insecure and up their lyricism then one cant help but rush to download each and every project from that artiste.Flabbz Ashton is that guy and his latest offering #OneAsara cements his place in zimhiphop’s lyricism hall of fame.The smooth beat by Benny B is clinicaly murdered by Flabbz as he spits the gospel through metaphors and tongue twisting bars.The rapper likens christianity to a commuter omnibus headed heavenwards.Before it leaves the Kombi needs one more passenger and thats you the listener.While other operators would charge a hefty fee for luggage team Jesus is offering you a free ride albeit you wont be forced but must make the decision yourself.The lyricism will impress even non fans of gospel rap while the message will ring true to many converts and evangelist tryna fish for souls.The guy who helped on the chorus os quite talented too.Great offering from Jesus Positive Music.
“Jesu akafira pamapuranga kunge pamachipisa
Saka gogo chidhoma dai machipisa”
#OneAsara by MadziRapper

#OneAsara by MadziRapper

WODUL? (Which One Do U Like?)

So MadziRapper Flabbz has featured on a couple of tracks in 2015. We have chosen two of the verses he put on two tracks, and would like to know which one you like more than the other.

Option A is the 16 bar-verse he spat on Royal Pamz’s song titled #Rehab. You can listen and download here.

Option B is also a 16 bar-verse he spat on Wellaz’s track titled #ReachingOutToTheWorldREMIX. You can listen and download here or here.

Hope you will be blessed by any or both of them.



Stay blessed.




RunIt’s #Hallelujah Pix

#MadziRapper (in Red JPM clothing), went to support his brother Kudah Run It.

#MadziRapper (in Red JPM clothing), went to support his brother Kudah Run It.

@Kudah's Launch (13)

#MadziRapper (in Red JPM clothing), went to support his brother Kudah Run It.

@Kudah's Launch (12) @Kudah's Launch (14) @Kudah's Launch (15) @Kudah's Launch @Kudah's Launch (2) @Kudah's Launch (3) @Kudah's Launch (5) @Kudah's Launch (6) @Kudah's Launch (7) @Kudah's Launch (8) @Kudah's Launch (9) #Hallelujah the 12 track album by Kudah Run It was successfully launched on the 30th of May 2015 at Dekaro Restaurant, Harare Showgrounds. #MadziRapper (in red JPM Clothing) together with the rest of the kingdom family, were present as supporting artists.